Purchasing Commercial Insurance in Cleburne

Every business owner has commercial insurance in Cleburne. From liability insurance to insurance for your commercial property and inventory, there are many types of insurance to consider. Depending on the type of business you’re running, you’ll need different policies or clauses to protect you from all the various potential problems you could encounter. Here is a quick summary of the types of commercial insurance your Cleburne business should consider.

Liability Insurance

There are two types of liability insurance that businesses should consider. The first is public liability insurance, which protects you from any accident or damage relating to your business. For example, if you have a store front in Cleburne and someone visiting the shop or cafe slips and falls, you may be liable to pay for medical bills. Liability insurance covers you in that situation. Another example is if you have a delivery service or a business that requires that your employees go to other peoples’ homes or businesses. A plumber that accidentally breaks a door handle can pay for the damage using liability insurance.

The other type of commercial insurance that covers liability is employer’s liability insurance. This type of insurance is legally required if you employ one or more individuals. If an employee is injured or made ill due to something about the job, employer’s liability insurance covers the costs.

Property and Inventory Commercial Insurance

If you own or rent property in Cleburne, you’re going to want commercial insurance that protects your financial investments as well. Property that you own should be insured with liability insurance as well as insurance against disaster such as fire or flood. There may be other things to protect against, such as tornadoes, and you should look at all your options to decide what you think will be important for your property and location in Cleburne.

And finally, if you invest a lot of capital in inventory, computers, and other tangible things that you need to run your business, make sure that they are also insured in case of fire or flood. Renter’s insurance covers all possessions in a rented apartment, but you’ll want to look into commercial insurance that covers all inventory and business holdings. Be sure to carefully track any inventory so that you know what exactly is covered in the case of a natural disaster or other damaging event.

Purchasing commercial insurance in Cleburne is a no-brainer, but figuring out exactly how much insurance your business needs can be a bit trickier. Contact an experienced commercial insurance agent to learn more.

Harmon Insurance Agency provides advice, quotes, and policies from the major commercial insurance providers in Cleburne. Contact them today to find out more about what your business needs to stay protected.


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