5 Reasons to Switch to a Community Bank

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Bank

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A lot of consumers are getting fed up with big banks. The rising costs of charges and the increasing number of fees don’t make for a happy customer. If you want to reduce your baking expenses, it might be worth your while to switch to a community bank in Daytona Beach instead.

Consumer-friendly services

One of the best benefits of making the switch is taking advantage of the consumer-friendly services you often get along with fewer fees, the Bankrate says.

Less reporting levels

A community bank in Daytona Beach is bound to be so much smaller in scope than big banks. That means less reporting levels to contend with, though, which translates to good news for you. These conditions make it much easier for you to get those fees waived or to negotiate excellent loan rates.

Personalized service

Another trademark of community banks is the personalized service they provide. Smaller branches are smaller and much more intimate so you often get to know the people behind the counter or desk. The personalized service helps improve satisfaction scores. It’s no wonder customers are often happier with smaller banks.

Lending flexibility

Big banks have a much harder time approving loans. If you have good excellent standing in the community, though, you could get your loan approved, an outcome you might have achieved if you had gone to a big bank.

Better rates

Community banks can offer better rates on car loans too. If you want to start saving on costs, then check out community banks for loan rates and offers. Some also offer excellent mortgage rates so check for that too. With community banking, you can enjoy a range of financial services with less hassle and stress.

From lending flexibility, better rates, personalized services and more, you have more than enough reasons to give community banking a try.

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