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Grant Merchant Services Has Best Credit Card Processing

They are the leading provider of credit card processing, merchant account services, and point-of-sale solutions in Chicago. They are committed to providing our clients with superior customer service and a solution that fits their needs. This blog post will explore some of their services to make them the best in Credit Card Processing in Chicago…. Read more »

Unique Benefits of Using a Merchant Cash Advance Program

As a new business owner you will run into situations where you need capital to get your business off the ground. Many merchants need some type of funding before their business can develop and start becoming lucrative. While many merchants will turn to business loans others will turn to merchant cash advance services in order… Read more »

Check Your Credit Report for Free Once A Year

Although some Houston credit counseling agencies claim that they can “wipe your credit report clean,” this is illegal and impossible. Nothing except time and discipline can remove correct and accurate credit information from a credit report. For most people, unless it is an error, a negative tick on your credit report will stay on that… Read more »

Important tips about Personal Credit Cards

Remember those days as a kid, when you wanted that little toy in the store that daddy could not buy for you? Well if you could use a credit card for every store visited, you would have probably bought everything in the store! That is the beauty of having a credit card. Be the first… Read more »