Monthly Archives: December 2014

3 Tips for Using an Online Cash Advance Responsibly

When you need money, you look for every option possible in order to get what you need to pay bills and other important items. One option that you have is to order cash, which you can even do online. However, using online cash comes with a number of responsibilities that you need to adhere to… Read more »

How to Find an Expert Adjuster in Miami

A professionally licensed public insurance adjuster will help you to work your way through the difficult process of making an insurance claim.  The public adjuster will appraise the damages, prepare an estimate, prepare any documentation needed, determine coverage’s spelled out in the insurance policy, and negotiate with the insurance company’s claims department.  Insurance companies are… Read more »

Three Reasons you Need Professional Liability Insurance

In Florida liability insurance is important, especially for professionals and small businesses. Even if you are the most cautious person in the world events can transpire that lead to issues with your business. When you have liability insurance you will be able to protect yourself when someone finds reason to sue you. Be the first… Read more »