Advantages of Group Health Insurance in Los Angeles

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Insurance

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This article will lay down some of the key advantages of group health insurance, to make you completely understand, what Group Health Insurance is all about and how can you make the most of this kind of insurance plan.


Subsidized By Employer: An employer must agree to contribute at least 50% of the total group health insurance plan in Los Angeles. It gives immense benefits to the employees, as they can get much bigger insurance plan by only paying for a small amount comparing to other individual plans. It may sound a little expensive for employers, but normally it becomes very cost-efficient in the end to carry on for the employer due to variety of reasons.

Large Families and Small Families are equal: The premium for Group Health Insurance is same for large families and smaller families, which is not the case in individual insurance market. In individual market, you have to pay a separate amount as premium for each of the family member. Hence adding your family members into your employer’s health insurance plan will allow you to get the best deal possible.

Easy to Issue:Health Insurance in Los Angeles is very easy (almost guaranteed) to issue. An insurance application is never turned down just because of some pre-existing health problems, or conditions. This can come in very handy if one of your family members has some continuous medical condition, which does not allow you to avail an individual plan for those family members. However, having a bit higher rate can make it look like a dodgy decision in the short span of time.

Maternity Coverage: Almost all insurance plans cover maternity, which makes it a perfect choice for newly wedded people and people that are planning to have more children in the coming future. However, there is an option to add “maternity rider” in an individual plan as well, but they tend to be highly expensive and puts more burden on you. Hence, going for a group health insurance in this scenario is the best option for you and will save your money for sure. Though you must consult with a professional health insurance advisor before getting any Health Insurance in Los Angeles, as one insurance plan can be beneficial for one family while not good for the other family.

Cost Efficient in Long Run: Health Insurance in Los Angeles is a very cost effective solution for companies that are in business for long time and plan to stay in it for many years. By the time passes, this group health insurance becomes a very cost effective solution, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of employees in your company. It becomes a perfect choice for employees with regular medical needs; hence, you are able to attract the very best employees in your industry in Los Angeles.

Obtaining a health insurance is a must thing to do for every business owner now, and an individual, and by providing a group health insurance, you are providing your employees piece of mind so that they can work for you company with more concentration and dedication.


Health Insurance in Los Angeles

Health Insurance in Los Angeles

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