Benefits of Mortgage Audit in Casa Grande

Most of the man and women inCasa Grande have been through tough times regarding their mortgage payments, most of the men have been found in situations where they were unable to keep up with their mortgage payments on monthly basis and hence find themselves in ultimate difficulty. In last few years, most of the homeowners have had to face tough economical conditions because of global recession and overall downfall of global economics. Some of these situations are out of your control and cause one to go under extra ordinary stress and tension regarding their financial situation.

If you have been in this kind of situation, you would know how it feels when the mortgage lender is getting ready to foreclose your home just because you cannot afford to pay the mortgage payments. But, this situation demands you to not panic at all, but take action and make correct decision on how you should really tackle the situation. First thing you should do is to get a professional audit on your mortgage in Casa Grande. This includes audit of all relevant documents and material involved.

It is common to see that most of the mortgagesare actually adjustable-rate mortgages and have minor errors in their documentation which makes it even more difficult for you to pay back your mortgage amount.

What does a Mortgage Audit mean?

By having a professional audit on your loan, you will be able to find out whether there are some problems and errors inside your documents. It is reported that most of the cases where loan borrower was unable to pay back the loan payments, have minor or major errors in documents that were not recognized at the time of loan processing. Identifying these mistakes will allow you to build a strong case to fight with your lender over the issue of your mortgage.

No matter whether the mortgage lender made mistakes intentionally or unintentionally in the documents, they have already violated the “Fair Lending Law”. Your mortgage audit professional will be able to guide you how to properly take up your case and what exact steps to take in order to keep your home and take leverage over the loan lender.

You can start legal proceedings against your mortgage lender, which will put your lender on the back foot and stop him from doing anything that make things even worst legally. They will be held responsible for all the errors found in the documents of mortgage. The legal process can be a little longer but once that time is over, you will be able to get a much better deal to pay off your mortgage in Casa Grande. You may get a lower interest rate and more economical monthly payments and in some cases, forgiveness of missed or delayed payments.

Having an audit for your mortgage will allow you to not fight with your lender alone but your professional audit person will be on your side to guide you throughout the process.


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