Challenges in Getting DWI Insurance in Puyallup

Many who are convicted of DWI find that it is difficult to get insured to drive again at a reasonable rate. For many motorists in Puyallup who are convicted of driving under the influence, they may be surprised to find out that their current insurer will refuse to renew their auto policy at any price. The challenge will be to find an insurance company willing to provide coverage at a reasonable cost. Fortunately, there are insurers willing to issue DWI insurance Puyallup.

Those who are buying insurance after being convicted of driving while intoxicated need to understand that they will pay a lot more in premiums. Drivers who have been convicted of DWI once have a higher than average likelihood of driving while intoxicated again. Those who drive under the influence are far more likely to end up in accidents. That is why rates are going to be considerably higher.

Another reason why some insurers do not want to provide coverage is due to the additional paperwork needed by the Washington State Department of Licensing. In particular, the insurer has to submit an SR-22 form in a timely manner to avoid the driver’s license suspension of a policyholder. This is a lot more work than what is required for a motorist who does not have a recent DWI conviction.

Those who have a DWI conviction and want car insurance should contact an agent at one of the SAV-ON Insurance Agencies Puyallup to get help in finding a policy at an affordable rate. A good way to get reasonable rates is to shop around. The agent will probably know which insurance companies are likely to offer the most affordable rates. The difference between the insurer with the highest and lowest premiums can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Remember, the cheapest insurer for drivers without DWI may be different than for those with a DWI record.

After getting the insurance, it is important to keep a clean driving record. This means getting no tickets and not being at fault for an accident. Another DWI will make it even more difficult and expensive to get auto insurance. Insurance companies are not going to be happy to see two DWI convictions. Browse website for more information.

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