Clean Up Your Finances With Janitorial Staffing Factoring

Janitorial services are always in high demand, and most services use long-term contracts with the large businesses, corporations, and organizations they clean. In order to be more competitive in the market, many janitorial companies have even extended their contracts to 30, 60 or 90-days, meaning there is a big gap in the time services are provided, materials are used, and the payment actually hits your bank.

A concern we hear from our clients all the time is this gap, as this leaves the janitorial service in a challenging financial situation. While there are regular funds coming in from cleaning services provided, they may be weeks or months from the time you need to buy supplies, replace old equipment and make payroll for your workers.

What We Do

With our janitorial staffing factoring services we can address your short-term cash needs based on those yet to be paid invoices. With just a simple online application, we can review your invoices, determine your customer’s creditworthiness, and approve your application in 24 hours.

Then, in just days, we can provide up to 80% of the value of the invoice we purchased into your bank account. This is not a loan, so there is no repayment or interest, but we do hold a 20% reserve. Once your customer pays, we deduct our fees, and you will receive the balance of that reserve.

We Know Your Industry

One of the important points in choosing our janitorial staffing factoring service is our understanding of the challenges the industry faces. We work with small and large janitorial companies, some with multiple locations and very large payroll requirements.

We also know the business, or we will do our due diligence, on the companies you provide janitorial services for. This adds another value to our services, and you don’t have to guess at how creditworthy your customers may be.

Once we have the accounts receivable we manage them completely, freeing your business staff to handle other aspects of your office. As there may be multiple invoices with different offices, branches, companies and locations having our expert staff handle these back office tasks is another plus to using our janitorial staffing factoring service.

To help your business be in a position to meet your financial obligations, to have the chance to take on new cleaning contracts, and to ensure you can make payroll and keep the best staff, factoring is really the best option.

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