Estate Buyers Cashing In On More Than Just Property

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Loans

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Many estate buyers use to be able to cash in on just property, however today more and more estate buyers are cashing in on items that are found in these properties such as jewelry and furnishings by taking them to local pawn shops and selling them.

When an estate buyer buys a property they never know exactly what may be found inside the walls of some of the places they buy.  Many items such as silver, antiques and collectibles can be found and many estate buyers are cashing in on these goods every day.  Other items such as gemstones, paintings, furniture and carpets can also be found in many estates.  This list is basically endless in what exactly can be found in estates and flipped by the estate buyer for cash at pawnshops.


Some of the best items for the estate buyer to flip at a pawnshop are electronics, gold, fine jewelry, watches and musical instruments.  These items will bring top dollar for most estate buyers.  Gold is one of the best because gold prices are at an all time high right now and pawnshops will be willing to pay more because they know that gold is a good investment for them.

Estate buyers should follow a few rules of thumb when flipping estate items and selling them to pawn shops.  Having an idea of what the items are worth before you go to the pawnshop is always a good idea.  A good way to find out exactly what your items are worth is by getting them appraised by a worthy appraiser.

When you enter the pawn shop as an estate buyer flipping your finds, you will want to realize that the pawn shop dealers do not need to know where you got the goods from.  They are on a need to know basis and they do not need to know basically.  They may think because of the way you acquired the item, you will be willing to part with it for a much lower price than it is worth.   If they ask how much you paid for it, simply decline to answer the question.

It is also a good idea for the estate buyer not to make the first move as far as telling how much they want for an item.  Let the pawnshop owner tell you what he is willing to pay first.  This will ensure that you get a higher price than if you told the pawnshop owner how much you want out of it first.

You as an estate buyer flipping the finds you have acquired from your deal will also need to know when to walk away from the pawnshop and perhaps find other avenues.  If you do not feel comfortable with what the pawnshop is offering you, simply walk away.

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