Find Out How A Tax Preparer In Queens Can Help Your Elderly Loved One To Stay In Their Home

Every day, about 10,000 Americans are able to celebrate their 65th birthday. That’s an important milestone, for sure. The number of older citizens continues to grow. In the ten years between 2003 and 2013, the number of people over 65 increased from 36 million to almost 45 million.

Women make up about 80% of the elderly living alone. The single elderly are lonely, often have health problems, don’t eat nutritious meals and often have difficulties with at least some daily tasks. Yet they are proud, love their homes and their independence and don’t want to be a burden on their families.

Finding Help to Manage Finances

Family members often live far away, but want to help. Someone can be hired to come in a few hours a day to do a little cooking and provide companionship. This doesn’t address one of the major problems, though – finances. Hiring a stranger to fix lunch and chat with their loved one is one thing; trusting this stranger to handle the monthly bills, make bank deposits and review income and expenses is something else entirely. Anyone who’s at all familiar with the problems encountered by an elderly person living alone will have heard stories about how the elderly can be victimized and wiped out financially.

Hiring someone responsible and financially savvy to help out with the finances can allow a senior to continue living in the home that they love. They can ensure that the bills are paid; often, one of the first signs that an adult child has of trouble is when they try to call and find that the phone has been cut off. They can make sure that checks are deposited and not just stuck in a drawer.

They can ensure that routine financial transactions such as home repairs and doctor bills are handled correctly. If a daily caregiver has been retained, it would be valuable to have an impartial assessment of that person. Loved ones would be kept informed.

It would be surprising to learn that all of the above services and more – are available from an experienced Tax Preparer in Queens and Brooklyn, NY. Of course, the Business Name also offers a full range of tax services to individuals and businesses. Click here to find out more about how Elder Care Services from this Tax Preparer in Queens can help elderly New Yorkers continue to live in their homes.

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