Get Healthcare Insurance for You and Your Family in Atlanta, GA

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Families from all walks of life need healthcare insurance to pay a portion of their medical expenses. Without insurance, many GA citizens don’t have access to medical services as required. Browsing through the Atlanta, GA federal health insurance exchange helps you find affordable policies.

Healthcare Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals

Sole proprietors and small business owners do not have the advantage of getting employer-based health insurance coverage. However, the Atlanta, GA federal health insurance exchange gives them access to affordable policies.

Entering search criteria helps them find a policy according to what they need. Users start with their zip code, household size, and modified-adjusted gross income. Once you enter the details, the marketplace website displays all policies that meet your specifications.

Coverage for Medical Services and Prescriptions

No one in Georgia should face dire financial circumstances or go without proper healthcare because they cannot afford health insurance. When browsing policies, you can compare premiums, copays, deductibles, and what services the policies cover. You can find policies to cover medical services, hospital stays, and prescription medication.

Premiums Based on Your Income

Through the passage of the ACA, insurers must provide policies according to the customer’s income and household size. There are many programs through the marketplace offering government subsidiaries to help pay for insurance coverage and give you affordable coverage.

Access to medical care is a fundamental human right, and many GA citizens don’t have access because they don’t have insurance. You can find affordable insurance coverage through the state’s marketplace that meets your needs. Contact Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace to learn more about healthcare insurance or visit

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