Helping Dental Practices Use QuickBooks to Organize Their Bookkeeping

Most dentists are not accountants. They got into the dental field because of a love for medicine and a desire to help other people look and feel better. However, most dentists have a dental practice that they are financially responsible for. They need to handle the accounting, the bookkeeping, the payroll, and other financial aspects.

This can feel like a second full-time job. Dentists will need to assign billing categories, properly code expenses, and produce timely financial reports. Some dentists have been able to automate some of these processes by using QuickBooks for dental practices.

Using QuickBooks for dental practices is a no-brainer. It lets you do bookkeeping online. It is a lot easier to use and more intuitive than a desktop-based accounting software or an Excel spreadsheet.

The nice thing about QuickBooks is that your CPA or financial advisor can also use QuickBooks to help you stay abreast of your financial responsibilities. They can show you how using QuickBooks will give you a clear picture of how your business is growing, what your financial obligations are, and what strategies are best suited to help your practice grow going forward.

QuickBooks can be used to handle payroll, invoicing, credit card payments, and the reconciliation of transactions.

Learn more about how experienced financial planners use QuickBooks to help dentists take control of their finances and see what Duckett Ladd can do to help you build a practice that supports the life you want to live when you visit their website .

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