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by | Jan 15, 2013 | Insurance

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With the way everyday life is here in Southern Florida one can see why one of the last things you might think about is home insurance in Naples FL. Looking and driving about at all the wonderful and elegant neighborhoods and developments along State Rd 41 and the Fifth Aveune area, it’s easy to confuse this area for the opulence of Palm Beach on the Ocean’s coast. Still no matter if you own a two hundred thousand dollar home on a quite cul-de-sac or a two million dollar home off Vanderbilt Beach there is one need that’s in common: home insurance in Naples FL.

One can’t be without a homeowners policy, regardless of the prestige in the address. So even though Naples has more than the average city’s share of homes paid in full, there’s more than just a mortgagors reason to be protected by a home insurance policy here in Naples FL. While Naples itself has continued it’s lucky streak when it comes to direct hits in hurricane season, can the 100+ year luck continue to hold up? With global warming and the increase in extremes in weather getting worse in Collier County every year one has to wonder.

So it’s important that one consider all the unforeseen that could happen in the event of a disaster. But what some people don’t think of aside from natural disasters is that home insurance in Naples FL does cover and protect an owner against is liability. What is far more likely to happen is that a friend or neighbor is over one weekend for a barbeque and just dropping by and happens to slip and fall or in some other accident gets injured. It’s your homeowners insurance in Bonita Springs that will be called upon to cover the medical expenses that should ensue in the result of an accident where someone is injured at your home. With the rising costs of health care and soaring prices of medicine, therapies and treatments that accompany even the most routine of injuries, the financial windfall you are liable for can indeed increase in a hurry. What could be even worse is that you could be open to a lawsuit that could enforce even larger financial hardship upon you.

So though we are surrounded here in Naples by beauty and riches, both natural and developed one must remain vigilant when it comes to protection. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your development, association, or buildings insurance is enough to protect you and your financial interests should the unexpected happen in or near your home. Avoid being held personally responsible when a loss, trouble or an accident should occur, purchase home insurance in Naples FL before it’s too late.


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