How A Jewelry Insurance Service In Monroe County MI Can Protect A Woman’s Valuables

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Insurance

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Many women own expensive jewelry. Some are given expensive jewelry from their significant other and others inherit family heirlooms. Some women go out and buy a piece of expensive jewelry to treat themselves. When a woman gets a piece of expensive jewelry, she should contact a Jewelry Insurance Service in Monroe County MI.

Wear the Jewelry With Pride

Many women who have expensive jewelry worry when they are wearing it. If the jewelry were to get lost, it could be very upsetting. When a woman takes out an insurance policy on her jewelry, she can wear it without worrying. If she were to lose her jewelry, it would be covered. This allows her to show off her jewelry rather than keeping it locked up in a safe where nobody can see it.

Protection Against Theft

If a woman has expensive jewelry and her home is broken into, the thieves will go for the jewelry first. If her jewelry is covered, the insurance will pay to replace it. This will give a woman peace of mind that her jewelry will be safe no matter what.

Coverage Against Normal Wear and Tear

When a woman wears the same piece of jewelry on a daily basis, it is susceptible to normal wear and tear. Over time, prongs can become loose, and the gemstones can get lost. When a woman has her jewelry insured, the cost of the repairs will be covered. If she is unable to find the lost stone, her insurance will replace that as well.

Jewelry Insurance is Inexpensive

One of the biggest reasons to take out jewelry insurance is that it is not very expensive. The average cost of jewelry insurance is $15 for every $1,000 that the jewelry is worth. When a woman considers the cost of the insurance and the value of their jewelry, taking out insurance should be a no-brainer.

When a woman buys or is given a piece of expensive jewelry, she should contact a Jewelry Insurance Service in Monroe County MI. Not only will insurance protect the woman’s investment, but it will also give her peace of mind when she is wearing her jewelry. For more information on the policies available, Visit us.

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