How To Find A Transfer Agent As A Private Company

While almost all public enterprises realize the need for a transfer agent, a private company can benefit just as much. You’ve got many of the same needs, as you’ll still have investors and shareholders, though they may be entitled different things or may have slightly different options associated with them. These agents can help you maintain the records for shared ownership, administering dividends, keep track of tax records (for the stock and cash dividends you pay), as well as much more.

Criteria To Consider

As a private company owner, your transfer agent must have quality services, responsiveness, and favorable terms. Because they provide you with a service, they must ensure that they have higher quality options. Therefore, it may be helpful to meet with a few of the team members to make sure that you feel comfortable with them managing so much of your business.


Services offered can range from quite a few to not many. It’s important that you know what agents should and can do before making a decision to hire someone. The primary concern in this day and age is that they have online capabilities so shareholders can see and print certificates online, or find helpful instructions, tips, and forms to fill out.

Because you’re required to report to the SEC, you must file reports in XBRL and EDGAR formats. Most transfer agents can help you do this.

Other services can include offering shareholder meetings, paying dividends, networking on your behalf, helping you remain compliant, and may help you be eligible for other services and options.

Response Times

Primarily, the agents you select to help your private company will need to be available for contact. When you call with a concern or question, they should respond quickly (within one business day). Likewise, they should handle dividend cash-outs promptly. Visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc.

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