Ideas to Boost your Career as a CPA

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Taxes

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A CPA can find opportunities for advancement in many industries especially when they are willing to explore CPA continuing professional education. Here are just a few areas that can broaden your horizons and lead to a more lucrative career in your chosen profession.

Pursuing an Investigative Position

Technology has introduced a broad range of opportunities for fraud. This leaves a new and exciting opening for accountants who understand fraud and can assist in pinpointing fraudulent acts in a number of ways. You can learn how to identify fraud in the workplace as well as how to lead an investigation into potential fraudulent acts. This means you can be working in a far different capacity than you would in a basic accounts receivable position. Instead you will be involved in a very interesting, challenging and fulfilling career while still using the CPA skills you have already developed.

Leasing Niche

A huge opportunity exists for CPA’s who understand leasing. Leasing is a $600-$700 billion global business and the U.S. is responsible for a third of the money spent on leasing. Understanding the benefits to leasing versus ownership for businesses as well as disclosure, reporting termination and other leasing intricacies could position you in a more desirable light than many other CPA’s. As businesses look to ways to save money leasing equipment and take advantage of warranties and other benefits you may find yourself in a niche leasing position if you take the right CPA continuing professional education courses.

Fair Value

Before the introduction of Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures fair value procedures were not clearly defined. Fair value is now under much scrutiny and is actually a very controversial subject. Having knowledge of fair value measurements and disclosures will provide a leg up as the proposals of the FASB and IASB become required as a financial instrument. Taking CPA continuing professional education courses regarding any aspects of fair value will definitely come in handy. Many of these courses are exceptionally affordable as well.

Non-Profit Organizations

With scandals associated with non-profit organizations often in the headlines providing accounting advice to non-profit management is another skill that can lead to advancement as well as give you an edge when seeking new opportunities. Understanding efficiencies, profit and loss within non-profits as well as internal controls will all assist you in providing accounting services to non-profits.

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