Operate Successful Shareholder Meetings with an Expert Proxy Agent

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Financial Services

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It can be very difficult to operate a shareholder meeting. When you need annual meeting services and expert proxy agent will be able to meet your unique challenges. A shareholder proxy agent can provide you with professional and complete support that will also keep you in regulatory compliance. You and your shareholders will reap the rewards of using a dedicated account representative that can guide you through the process.

It All Starts with Planning

Your proxy agent will start with meeting planning during a free consultation and cost analysis. They will essentially design an approved timeline meant to meet your requirements. Then your meeting will be set up and they will print all of your materials and the materials for beneficial shareholders. Necessary aspects including sending out search cards to all proxy institutions and DTC, shipping to brokers and tabulating those votes are also included in their services. They can also perform the Edgar filing in relation to proxy statements and notices. Do you require document preparation for your meeting? Whether documents need to be converted to PDF or HTML, your proxy agent will handle your documents.

Rest at Ease with Expert Proxy Agent Services

An expert proxy agent can meet all your expectations when it comes to your neck shareholder meeting. No matter what type the services you need they are sure to provide them. This can include printing and mailing documents to your shareholders. It also covers web hosting. You will be provided with a compliant webpage that has been specifically designed for your company. Then you will be able to use electronic delivery to further reduce your printing costs. Do you have hard copy fulfillments? You can easily request paper materials at no further expense within notice and access rules. You will also be provided with document storage as well as print on demand services and much more. Make your next shareholders meeting a simple process by using services provided by the experts. For more information visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc.

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