PSLF: What You Need to Know

What is a Public Service Loan forgiveness?

While there are already student loan forgiveness options in other loan forgiveness plans, this one is designed for individuals who enter and build a career in full time public service jobs right after college. Given that plenty of those jobs offer lower financial remuneration, the Public Service Loan forgiveness or PSLF program seeks to lighten the financial load for individuals who need to repay their student loans in the future, says Forbes.

Qualifying for the PSLF

Borrowers must already have made about 120 qualifying payments on their loans while they were employed before they can be legible for the program. Individuals in the following sectors qualify: those in military service, library services, public education, public health services, emergency management, public safety and law enforcement (which includes police and the fire department), public interest law practice, early childhood education and in services that provide assistance to those with disabilities as well as the elderly.

Getting help

It can be a bit overwhelming to figure all this out on your own. That’s why there are companies that can assist you through those loan applications. Not only can you count on these companies to provide you with information about each of those options, helping you determine which one best fits your needs, these companies can also help you put together those requirements and apply for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program in case this really turns to be the best choice for you.

Why get help?

The process can be tedious and complex. By getting help, you have professionals to review your paperwork, ensure everything is in order, check the deadlines so your paperwork won’t be late and generally make life easier for you. If you want to apply with less hassle and faster results, get help.

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