Reasons an SR-22 Insurance Policy Is Required for Some Chicago Drivers

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

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An SR-22 insurance policy from Chicago agencies is required for drivers who were caught behaving irresponsibly or hazardously. Technically, this type of policy is known as financial responsibility insurance. It is a filing added to a regular policy for an additional fee.

DUI Conviction

An SR-22 insurance policy for Chicago drivers is mandated after a conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol. If the person’s license is suspended because of the DUI, the insurance is necessary once the license is reinstated.

Driving Without Insurance

The insurance also is required for anyone who has been caught driving without automotive liability coverage. That coverage is mandated by the state. Drivers must carry proof of coverage when they are behind the wheel. If stopped by a police officer for any reason, they must show that documentation.

Time Frame

Drivers who have been ordered by the Illinois Secretary of State to obtain SR-22 insurance must have this coverage for three years. If they ever stop paying the premiums and the insurance policy is canceled the state is notified by the insurer. The state then issues an immediate suspension of the driver’s license.

Rebelling against the system and deciding simply to avoid driving for three years typically does not work. The state will likely insist that the person has SR-22 coverage for three years as soon as he or she starts driving again. Anyone who has been required to obtain the SR-22 filing may contact Business Name to obtain quotes and more information.

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