The Essential Protection Offered By Commercial Insurance in Murrieta CA

One of the most misunderstood kinds of insurance is Commercial Insurance in Murrieta CA. People often don’t really equate commercial insurance with businesses of all sizes but, in fact, every business from the smallest to the largest needs this kind of coverage. Commercial insurance is meant to provide protection for the business owner in a variety of different ways. These includes the following.

Premises Protection

Premises protection is the biggest kind of protection that a commercial insurance policy provides today.The premises protection part of a commercial insurance policy covers the business property, including the grounds and the buildings. This protection will also extend to all of the business equipment and other things that are kept at the business site. Premises protection pays for the repair of the building, the property, and the contents of the building if they are damaged due to any of the named perils in the policy. This usually includes things like floods, fire, vandalism, or natural disasters of nearly any kind. If something is damaged beyond repair, the premises protection pays for its replacement.

Liability Protection

Liability protection is often overlooked when discussing commercial insurance policies, but it is extremely important for any business owner. This kind of coverage is completely different than the premises coverage because it is not designed to insure physical things like possessions and buildings. Instead, the liability protection is meant to protect the business from people. Sometimes, people who come to the business property or who do business with the company will be injured and will blame the owner of the property or the owner of the company. Often, the result of this blame is a lawsuit against the company. A lawsuit can result in judgments for many thousands of dollars, and in some cases a lawsuit like this ends up costing the company millions. Some companies even have to go out of business if they are hit with a lawsuit and don’t have commercial coverage. The commercial coverage compensates people who obtain judgments against the business.

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