The Types Of Insurance Atlanta

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Insurance

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Insurance Atlanta is coverage designed to protect a multitude of personal property. The coverage extends to the property of others depending on the type of policy selected. Insurance is available for home, auto and business purposes.

Auto insurance is insurance that protects initially the owner from liabilities. These liabilities include damage to the automobiles of other drivers. It also covers damage to the owner’s vehicle in the event of an accident or damage. Some policies cover personal injuries that occur within an automobile accident that extends to the owner, and the other driver involved.

Motorcycle insurance in Norcross is insurance that covers a motorcycle. The insurance performs in the same manner that auto insurance does. It protects against liability and provides coverage for damages.

Home insurance is insurance that covers a home and the property on which it is built. It covers all personal belongings, and any additional structures built on the property. The homeowner may be required to purchase supplemental insurance if the property is located within a flood zone.

Renters insurance is insurance that covers the personal belongings of a tenant within a rental property. It does not provide coverage for the structure itself outside of potential vandalism by the tenant. This option only covers items such as clothing, furniture, and jewelry. The value of these items may affect the premium paid each month.

Business insurance Atlanta covers the commercial property, equipment found inside the structure, and any items related to the property. It provides coverage for natural disasters, vandalism, and theft. Additional policies are required for employees, potential accidents and liability.

Finance companies require additional insurance for homes or automobiles that are financed. When this is a requirement of a contract, the mortgage provider or bank may check the status of this insurance periodically. Some financial institutions will cease the property if it is not insured properly.

Mortgage companies are also required to inform a potential home buyer if the selected property is within a flood zone prior to closing. In some states, the closing process is not completed until the buyer secures flood insurance. This form of insurance may be added to a homeowner’s insurance policy or purchased as a separate contract.

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