Three Huge Reasons to Sell Your Structured Settlement in the USA

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Financial Services

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While an annuity may seem great on paper, nothing feels worse than having to wait for your money. After all, you won the settlement, so why shouldn’t you have access to the entire sum right away? If you want to exchange your annuity for a lump sum settlement, check out these three major reasons to contact a reputable buyer of annuity structured settlements in USA today.

You Never Know What May Happen

Life is fragile, and you can’t be sure you’ll be around tomorrow. While you may do everything in your power to live a safe and healthy life, accidents happen, and you can’t predict them. A lump-sum payment will ensure that you’ll get the most out of your settlement while you’re still in good health.

Invest It Wisely

Whether you want to start a business, purchase a car, or buy a home, it’s important to have a lot of money right now. Otherwise, you will have to get approved for a mortgage, accumulate a ton of interest over time, and pay a lot more at the end of the day. By converting your annuity into a lump sum, you’ll be better able to invest in your future.

Fair Deal

It’s your settlement, so you deserve to be properly compensated for it. The professionals at We Pay More Funding will fairly compensate you for your annuity so you can get the most out of the exchange. They’ll happily give you a free quote, help you choose the best plan, and deliver the money very quickly.

Life is too short to wait for your structured settlement to pay out. Instead, sell your annuity for a sum you can use right now. If you’re tired of waiting, visit We Pay More Funding at to see how the most reputable buyers of annuity structured settlements can help.

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