Three Reasons you Need Professional Liability Insurance

In Florida liability insurance is important, especially for professionals and small businesses. Even if you are the most cautious person in the world events can transpire that lead to issues with your business. When you have liability insurance you will be able to protect yourself when someone finds reason to sue you.

Personal Injury

You’ve seen it in a hundred situation comedies and movies: The angry person shaking their fist in the air screaming “I’ll sue!” It might seem funny at the time, but you will soon stop laughing if it happens to you. And it happens to professionals and small businesses everyday in America. People are quick to blame and even quicker to jump on the band wagon if they think they can make a fortune off of an unsuspecting honest business person such as yourself. Whether someone has a slip and fall injury on your property, gets caught in an elevator for a prolonged amount of time in your building or actually suffers an injury due to a product or service you provide, you can be open to a law suit if someone has the desire to sue.

Any Business

The truth of the matter is that any business or professional can be sued. You can give someone food poisoning in a restaurant, sell a faulty product that causes a fire or even “ruin” someone’s wedding. Each of these issues can result in different levels of compensation, but one thing that is for certain is that if you don’t have liability insurance you will be the one forced to pay should they win.

Liability Insurance

The Florida liability insurance professionals and businesses have will protect you from being out of pocket when something goes wrong. The more proof someone has that you were at fault; the more it will cost you. Liability will protect you in two ways: 1) It will protect you from frivolous accusations and 2) it will provide the funds to compensate someone who has truly been injured due to something you are your business has caused. Liability insurance provides peace of mind, keeps your reputation in the community intact and protects you from unscrupulous people who are trying to make easy money.

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