Tips to Optimize QuickBooks Report Writing

The primary goal of any accounting system is to condense voluminous data in order to create financial reports that can be used by management to run a business. Unfortunately, it seems as many users are on using QuickBooks for much more than checks and invoices. When you learn to use the memorizing, organizing, printing and distributing features, you will then be able to get the most out of your QuickBooks report writing.

Generating Report Collections

In order to get the most out of financial reporting, organizations need to create dozens of reports every week. However, when those reports are produced one at a time, it is quite an insufficient process. In order to streamline this process, you can group multiple reports together and print them all out in one step. Simply go to Reports, Process Multiple Reports, choose the group that you want to print and select Print.

Producing Multiple Report Groups

The first step to improved QuickBooks report writing is to create the appropriate groups, such as “Month End Reports” and “Tuesday Reports”. As an alternative, you may choose to group together reports based on the job function or user, such as “Tom’s Reports” or “CFO Reports”. When you want to create a new group, all you have to do is choose Reports, Memorized Reports, Memorized Reports List. Next, from the pop-up menu in Memorized Reports, choose New Group and enter the name of the group in the designated box and click OK.

Once you have created a new group. Add each report to the group by launching them one at a time. Make any necessary customizations like adjusting the date range or adding more columns. Next, click on Memorize at the top of the screen, name the report and use the Save in Memorized Report Group dropdown feature to select the newly created group. Then, click on OK.

Memorizing Reports Multiple Times

When you need to distribute multiple copies of the same report, all you have to do is memorize the report in the same group multiple times. Be sure to customize the name of the report each time. For example, you can memorize “Accounts Payable” into your “Month End Report” group three times by labeling them as “AP Report for CFO”, “AP Report for Manager” and “AP Report for File”. When you do it like this, you will not only be able to quickly print all of the copies you need with a single click, but also each report will identify the intended recipient for easier distribution.

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