Top Services Rendered By Banks

Banks offer services that none of can really do without or deny. Most of us would require a certain amount of loan for various purposes, or would want to open a saving, fixed, rec-curing or current account. These two are the basic reasons why we need banking services. Banks have their professionals to help us ease out all our financial transactions all through. Both the private and the Public banks have their role to play, but the basic features are same. These financial institutions are devoted in providing best of financial and fiscal services to their customers. For obtaining of different loans and debit/credit cards, payment of bills, and information on current currency and interest rates, we have to rely on the banks to help us. Other activities of a bank would include agency services, like collection of cheques, bills and dividends on behalf of it’s customers.

For more convenience, banks have recently introduced e-banking or Internet banking, via which we can comfortably carry on our financial transactions online. Payment of bills, obtaining e-statements, checking account status are few of the online services that banks offer. It has helped in building a greener environment too.

To make it more specific, we list some services offered by the banks to various customers:

For their customers:

* Drafts, Hundies, Bills of Exhange and Promissory Notes are dealt with.
* They issue Circular notes, Traveler’s Cheque, and Letters of Credit.
* They help in buying and selling of shares for their customers.
* They collect money and offer loans as credits for customers against guarantee.

For general public:

* Provide lockers for safe storing of valuables like cash and jewelry.
* Some banks also extend their helping hands by contributing to social welfare activities.
* They work for the enhancement of the society as a whole.
* They extend loans at lower interests for the unorganized sector of the society, like rickshaw pullers, small traders and students.
* They also extend a helping hand towards the development of the rural areas. They help inculcate saving habits in people.

Banks offer both banking and non-banking services to their customers for the entire growth and development of economy. These financial institutions help in contributing a lot to the society, businesses and community.

The above article would help you get a general idea of banks and their services. For future reference, you may refer to the above article. Choose the best!

Banks Melbourne – The above article would help you get a general idea of banks and their services. To know more you can get in touch with Community Credit Union.



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