Want to Refinance Your Home? Get Pre-Approved by Applying Online

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Financial Services

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Are you pondering the thought of having your home refinanced? Looking to lower your monthly payment, or want to decrease your mortgage rate? There are various reasons a homeowner would want to refinance the loan on their home. Whether they are looking to save money or require funding for home improvements, a homeowner can benefit from obtaining a mortgage pre-approval in Raleigh, NC. By applying online today, they can quickly find out if they qualify for a remortgage and how much financing will be available to them. Once approved, the homeowner can determine whether remortgaging their home is a wise investment for them to make.

Why Homeowners Select to Refinance

  • Their financial wealth has changed since applying for the original loan and can qualify for lower interest rates or monthly payments.
  • A homeowner may have suffered a loss of income due to a change in their family dynamics. Refinancing their home can help adjust their payments to the loss of income to make the monthly payments more affordable.
  • Mortgage pre-approval in Raleigh NC can be beneficial for a homeowner that wants to consolidate two loans into one affordable monthly payment.
  • They want to invest the money into the home with improvements that can increase the value of the property.

Obtain Information on the Programs Available

When refinancing a home, it can be challenging to know which type of program would benefit you.
Loan Simply has made it easier to apply for a mortgage using the technology available to consumers today. They have developed a user-friendly platform for homeowners looking to remortgage their home. The process can be completed faster and with minimal paperwork to help the owner know if they are approved for a loan and how much financing they are eligible for.

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