When Health Insurance Isn’t Enough

There are certain times when a person needs more than just what their health insurance can provide in order to treat a serious illness, and this is especially true after a cancer diagnosis. There are a number of things that a person faced with cancer needs in order to manage this difficult time in their lives, making financial assistance for cancer patients almost essential to obtain. A person doesn’t want to go into debt to treat a serious condition, nor should they be forced to dip into their savings, removing their ability to leave a legacy to their family. In times like these, cancer financial assistance can be obtained by having a portion of your life insurance advanced. This allows you to use it as you see fit, and helps to bridge the gap between what your health insurance will cover and what you need.

Enjoy Time With Your Family

Being free to spend these funds as you see fit helps you to enjoy time spent with friends and family. You can still entertain, but may wish to use the funds to hire a caterer or clean up service so you can enjoy your time with your family, not spend it cooped up in a kitchen. If your family is out of town but your home is small you can still invite them to come stay, and offer to put them up in a hotel nearby. These things can help you enjoy more time with your loved ones.

Find Treatments That Work For You

In some cases, there may be treatments or additional therapies that will help benefit you but won’t be covered by your health insurance. Rather than going into debt in order to find ways to manage your diagnosis, you can have your life insurance advanced to allow you access to these alternate and adjunct therapies. Things like acupuncture or aromatherapy may go a long way to help you treat the nausea that chemotherapy can often cause, but won’t be covered under your traditional health insurance plan. Having these side effects treated will not only improve your mental wellbeing, but will give you the time to focus on the things you want to do with life.

Travel To Specialists Without Breaking The Bank

In other cases there may be a specialist that your insurance will cover, but he or she may be located in a different city. Repeated travel to and from another town likely isn’t one of the expenses your health insurance plan will cover, but may be essential to the successful management of your serious illness. Financial assistance will help cover these costs, without the need to obtain loans.

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