When Your Business Needs Fast Cash, Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of Invoice Funding

Often times a business may find itself in a position in which capital funds are running low. Maybe there is plenty of money tied up in the form of customer invoices that have not yet been paid, and money is needed now. Traditionally, the next move would be to take out a small business or short-term loan; lease equipment; or opt for venture capital or asset-based lending. Invoice funding is a less traditional way for businesses to receive capital funds when they are in need of them without having to incur debt.

How is Invoice Funding More Beneficial than a Bank Loan?

Invoice funding may sound like just another type of business loan, but the two are completely different. When a company agrees to make a working capital loan for a business, they are most concerned about whether or not they will be repaid on time. They charge interest on top of the principle amount owed, and the period for repayment is usually pretty short.

Although it may be one of the only options for a business in need of fast cash, taking out a loan is usually not the best move for the growth of a business. In order to grow and be profitable, there are many tools that a business needs to have in place. At United Capital Funding, we provide businesses of many different kinds – from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies – with the funding as well as the tools they need to grow into successful enterprises.

Let Us Help Your Company Grow

At United Capital Funding, we provide working capital funds for businesses in many different industries, including:

1. Staffing

2. Government

3. Manufacturing

4. Service Business

5. Information Technology

6. Security

Our company has been in business for nearly two decades. Through our factoring services, we have funded over $2.5 billion to help businesses grow. Our factoring services include invoice funding and accounts receivable factoring solutions along with many value-added services designed to ease the burdens of managing receivable accounts. We are in business to help businesses focus on growth.

Unlike the traditional business loans that banks offer, we make funding simple and straightforward. As long as a business has a minimum of $25,000 per month in accounts receivable, they qualify for our funding solutions. We purchase the accounts and provide invoice funding up front, providing the business with working capital anywhere from $25,000 to $5 million per month. The customers make their payments to us, and the business does not pay any interest. Invoice funding approval happens in one day, and the business can receive their capital the same day. At United Capital Funding, we have been trusted to keep businesses on track and growing since 1997, and we are still growing today.

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