Why and How To Choose CPE Self Study Courses

Many CPAs have moved toward CPE self study courses instead of going to seminars and long, drawn-out meetings for the continuing professional education. This is because it is incredibly easy to do self-study and can save you time and money. However, it is important to learn how to choose the right course and why you should consider these courses, as well.


The main benefit to self study courses is that you can study whenever you have free time. This isn’t true when you consider in-person options, as you are scheduled to be there when requested and attendance is checked. It doesn’t matter if an emergency arises or you are supposed to stay late at work. You need to be at the seminar to receive your credit. However, with online study, that isn’t the case. You can simply log on to the provider’s website when you have time and continue where you left off in your studies.

Another benefit is the time and money you can save. In most cases, the coursework is fairly easy and can be completed quicker than average. When finished with the study, you can take the exam and be done with the entire process, earning your credits. This isn’t true with in-person choices. You must sit through the entire lecture or seminar and everyone goes at the same pace.

Money is a big deal to everyone, whether they have enough or not. Having to drive to the seminar can be very costly, especially if the only one available is many miles away.


You don’t want to choose the first site that offers CPE courses online. You want to thoroughly research each site and see what they have to give you. In some cases, you may go with your first choice but this will be after you have checked other sites to see what is offered.

When choosing, you should find out what exactly they offer. You can do this by going through the frequently asked questions and searching around the site. The provider will be proud of their offerings and will be willing to share them in easily found places.

Consider a company that offers a free course or two. It is good to try something out before you buy it. You can see what the provider gives and what you learn through the free course and then consider the value afterwards and judge if the provider works for you.

CPE self study courses are becoming more popular and easier to find. To purchase a course or learn more, visit CPE Think.

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