Why Choose Stock Transfer Services?

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Financial Services

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Stock transfer services are among the most important in the financial industry with the tracking of stocks and shares one of the most important aspects of any publicly-owned company. It is vital a company that has issued shares knows exactly what percentage of a business is owned by whom and for how long. Tracking the ownership of stocks is a key part of the ownership of a traded business when the time comes for an annual general meeting to take and votes have to be taken.

What do stock transfer services do?

Many roles can be taken by stock transfer specialists, including the development of an accurate cap table that charts the movement of stocks and shares within a single company. An accurate cap table is one of the keys to tracking the ownership and amount of stocks that have been issued to make sure the value of a company is known to the exact amount. Individuals and companies that have purchased stocks and shares but lost their certificates can work with a specialist transfer service to ensure their ownership is maintained and new certificates are issued.

Stock transfer services do more than just track stock ownership

These services do far more than simply initiate and end stock ownership options and track who owns each piece of stock. The stock transfer experts will also act to ensure all dividends are paid on time and shares are distributed to each owner. Other duties include working to ensure all employee stock ownership programs are managed correctly. To get daily updates, follow on Twitter.

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