Why You Should Be Using Western Union to Send Money

Sending money through the mail has always been something many people avoid. This is because once the letter is sent, there is no getting it back and often no way of tracking it. This means that if your letter is lost or delivered to the wrong address, then there is no way of getting the money back. This is not a huge issue with smaller amount since they are usually worth the risk for convenience, but for large amounts of money you will want to consider a separate service such as the Western Union. These services are secure and allow the recipient to get the money from anywhere. Here are a few reasons to use the Western Union money transfer services.

Pick Up Anywhere

When you use Western Union’s money transfer services, the recipient of your funds can pick them up from any Western Union certified location. These are often found in large supermarkets and smaller stores dedicated to these and similar services. You simply send the money from one of these locations, and they go to another one with a photo ID and get the funds. This is much more secure that sending money in the mail.


Sending money through the mail has the unfortunate side effect of only being as fast as the mail delivery. This can become a bottleneck if you need to get money to someone fast. Since with Western Unions you are not actually sending money, but are instead putting the money into an escrow you do not have to wait for it to arrive. Once you send the money, the recipient can get it immediately.

When Not To Use Wire Services

Like anything else, there is a time not to use these services. Many online scammers will use these services to get unsuspecting people to send them money which they can not recover. In most cases, the cashier will point this out as well, but it is worth remembering that you should never send money to someone you do not know.

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