Your Car Insurance Harrisburg PA Experts Discuss Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

by | May 6, 2013 | Insurance

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If you’re a bad driver with poor driving habits, it’s inevitable that you will eventually receive a ticket or end up in an accident. When either of these two things happens, your insurance rates will undoubtedly increase. Here are some of the bad driving habits that your car insurance Harrisburg PA experts suggest you be aware of so you can avoid them and be a safer driver.
Being a Distracted Driver
One of the worst things you can do as a driver is to allow yourself to be distracted. Distractions behind the wheel can come from a variety of sources. Talking on your cell phone is one of the worst distractions because drivers typically take their eyes and attention off the road when taking a call. But you can also be distracted by changing the station on the radio or trying to control your children who are sitting in the backseat. Even eating while you’re driving can be a distraction. When you’re behind the wheel, focus all of your attention on the road so you can help prevent causing an accident.

Ignoring Traffic Signs
Traffic signs are in place for a reason. They are there to keep the roads safe and to tell drivers what to do in order to keep safe on the roads. But if you are ignoring traffic signs, such as Yield signs, Stop signs and others, you are either going to cause an accident, get a ticket or both. That means your auto insurance Harrisburg PA premiums are going to increase because you are an at-risk driver. Learn to obey the signs so you can avoid accidents and other problems.

Not Respecting Road Conditions
Speed limits are posted as just that – a limit. That means in order to stay safe you shouldn’t go over the limit. But that doesn’t mean you can go below the limit. When the weather is bad outside or when you aren’t comfortable going as fast as the limit allows, you should slow down. Wet roads increase stopping distance so if it’s raining, you should keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. Snow and ice are even worse. You don’t have to go as fast as the speed limit allows. If the conditions don’t allow it, use your own judgment as to how fast you should go. Even if cars are passing you left and right, you should only be traveling as fast as you are comfortable going.

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