Homeowners Insurance: The Smart Choice

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Insurance

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Each year, around two million home burglaries are reported in the United States. Victims of home burglary can lose thousands of dollars’ worth of property. Coming home to find that your house has been invaded and ransacked can not only affect you financially, but emotionally as well. You may live in fear of the day that it will happen again, and replacing the items you lost will be expensive and stressful. Homeowners insurance will help you feel more at ease about leaving your home each day, knowing that your home and possessions are protected.

Don’t Be a Victim

Anticipating the worst and taking precautions against crime has become second nature to many. At some point in life, most people will be targeted and/or made victims of a crime. A good portion of the criminal acts that are committed in the United States are property crimes, and home invasions occur every thirteen seconds. If you own expensive objects such as jewelry, electronics, or furnishings, the cost of replacing them will obviously be fairly high. If your home is insured, the burden will be lifted off of your shoulders. Any damage done during the intrusion, such as broken windows, will be covered. The cost of the valuables you lost will no longer be your responsibility, but your insurance company’s.

Even if You Rent

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who are entitled to protection. If you rent an apartment, you are just as eligible for insurance as an individual who owns a home. Even though you technically don’t own the apartment or complex you’re living in, you can still get coverage for the valuables you have within it. With a homeowners insurance Albany NY company, you’ll be safe rather than sorry. The cost for damages to your home and stolen valuables can quickly skyrocket into the thousands. Why wait until it’s too late?

The Ten Eyck Group helps secure homeowner’s insurance for its clients. Regardless of whether you own or rent a home, they can find the reliable coverage policies you need.

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