Mortgages Broker in West Hartford CT are Less Expensive from a Retail Bank Over a Mortgage Broker

When young adults or newly wed young couples begin their lives as adults many times that start can include scaling the large wall of home ownership. But the largest fact or that can stand in the way of realizing the dream of homeownership is gaining a mortgage in West Hartford CT. When these individuals begin their search for a reasonably priced mortgage, many don’t know just whom to go to. Certainly the most secure choice is to visit the retail bank that has local branches and local underwriting for mortgage loan decisions. This can be where you bank currently, or at another local branch of a retail bank that offers a lower priced mortgage loan in West Hartford CT.

Unfortunately many of these first time homebuyers are lead astray by mortgage business firms. Usually these firms will offer the “same mortgages” as the local retail banks. But what they don’t tell the individuals is that they have no control over the approval process. They fail to mention that the same price the retail bank gives its customers is the same price that the offer to the mortgage brokerage. Therefore, the mortgage broker must increase the rate of interest they are offering on mortgages broker in West Hartford CT. Why pay a higher rate of interest for the next 15 to 30 years? In order to offer the same rate as the retail bank to borrowers can also be done, however they then charge origination or discount points in order to get paid by the retail bank. This can be a bit confusing so let’s look at some examples:

Savings offers the most competitive rates on mortgages broker in West Hartford CT, and we need not charge you the additional percentage points on your mortgage loan, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan. Visit Greytree Mortgage and see what prices we can offer on mortgages broker in West Hartford CT.

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