Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency at an ATM

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Money and Finance

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Cryptocurrency is becoming more commonplace and ATM-type services have become available for buying and selling. In larger urban areas, crypto-ATMs are popping up to make using and accessing your cryptocurrency more convenient.

Before Using a Crypto-ATM

If you are looking to use a Bitcoin ATM in San Antonio there are some steps to consider before visiting. Whatever transaction you are looking to complete, it is suggested that you download a wallet app specifically designed to receive or send crypto-exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Do your homework around wallets as they are not all created equal. Once you have your wallet, decide if you need to use a one-way or two-way ATM. At a one-way you can only buy or receive and at a two-way ATM, you can buy and withdraw your existing cryptocurrency.

Be Cautious

If you are new to the cryptocurrency community and are looking to make a purchase, it would be wise to do careful research. As with any legitimate online market, there is a scam market to match. Following typical online precautions should prevent you from falling prey to such schemes. Not clicking on links in an unsolicited email or being wary of any offer that is too good should keep you safe. When in doubt you should probably stick to buying known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.

Ready to Buy and Sell

If you are ready to purchase more Bitcoin or sell some of your existing cryptocurrency then a Bitcoin ATM in San Antonio can make the process easier, even for the newcomer. Finding a San Antonio location is as easy as logging into

RockItCoin. RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM has also added the RockItCoinX Wallet to help with your crypto-transaction. We look forward to working with you.

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