The Top Benefits of Banking in Schiller Park With A Credit Union

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Financial Services

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You have many options for banking in Schiller Park. However, you should consider banking with a credit union. Credit unions have the same services as banks, but credit unions are owned by non-profit organizations. There are several reasons that you should bank with a credit union.

Personalized Customer Service

Credit unions go above and beyond for their customers. They want to make sure that every customer has the best experience possible. Because credit unions are owed by non-profit organizations, they are able to focus more on the customer.

Easier to Get Approved for Credit Cards or Loans

If you have struggled to get approved for a loan from a bank, then you may be able to get approved for one if you apply through a credit union. It is easier to meet the qualifications that have been set by a credit union. You will also be able to get a credit card or loan for a lower interest rate.

Higher Interest Rates on Savings Account

If you are trying to grow your savings, then you should definitely consider using a credit union. You can get a savings account with a higher interest rate.

Lower Fees

Credit unions charge fees like banks do. However, credit unions have lower fees.

Credit Assistance

If your credit score is not as high as it should be, then a credit union can help you get it back on the right track. A credit counselor can review your credit report. They can also make recommendations.

If you are interested in banking in Schiller Park, then you can contact Leyden Credit Union.

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