Three Tools from the IRS to Help You File Taxes

The government requires citizens and residents to pay taxes on money they earn as a means of paying for infrastructure and other public goods. Whether you hate paying taxes or are at peace with paying them, you will benefit from learning as much about filing taxes with the Internal Revenue Service as possible. Even though many people despise the IRS, the federal government actually tries to make tax filing easy for Americans. Check out these official IRS tax filing tools to make your filing process easier.

Don’t Know Where or How to Learn More About Your Tax Questions?

Taxes here in the United States are complicated because of the IRS’s Internal Revenue Code. Not only is it complex, but it is also subject to changes frequently. If you want to brush up on a tax-related issue you have already learned about or need to learn from scratch visit the IRS’s Interactive Tax Assistant online. The Interactive Tax Assistant is an automated tool that helps people answer their tax-related questions as quickly, concisely, and accurately as possible.

How Can You Find Certified, Trusted Tax Preparers?

Some people who offer tax filing in Marietta, GA, services are not Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, or otherwise certified to compile tax returns. Although search engines help, they do not always provide accurate, verified information. To safely find tax filing in Marietta, GA or anywhere in the nation, use the IRS’s Directory of Tax Return Preparers. Its free and can readily be found online.

Can’t Pay Your Taxes in Full?

Many Americans struggle to pay their taxes in full every year. Fortunately, the IRS accepts payment plans. Best of all, you do not have to visit the IRS office or even spend time with an IRS agent; simply search for the IRS’s Online Payment Agreement applications online to see if you are eligible. If you are, you can seamlessly set the plan up through this tool.

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